Rehabilitation of St. Ignatius Church in Jihlava and its Opening to the Public

Logo EEA and Norway grantsThe aim of the project is particularly contracting and restoring renovation of the early baroque church of the St. Ignatius which is located on Masaryk Square in Jihlava. The valuable cultural monument is in unsatisfactory technical condition. As part of the revitalization, the roof will be completely repaired – its current state of emergency is causing damage to the interior of the church. Furthermore, the street facade of the church with stucco and sculptural decoration will be repaired. This will save the monument and its valuable architectural elements.

In addition to construction and restoration interventions, the intention of the project is to make the monument more accessible to the public. These activities will be implemented in cooperation with project partners.

The foreign partner of the project is the Katólska Kirkjan á Íslandi, the Catholic Church in Iceland. As part of the project, a representative of the Roman Catholic Parish at the Church of St. James, Jihlava, will carry out an expedition trip to Iceland. Subject of this expedition will be to research and map Catholic missionaries who have worked here in the past. Output of this expedition will be creating a photographic exhibition called Iceland - in the footsteps of missionaries, which will be located in the gallery area of the church. The opening of the exhibition will take place during the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, which is another partner of the project. The program will also include a discussion between the participants of the expedition and a representative of the Icelandic partner.

In cooperation with the Vysočina Museum, another partner of the project, in the church will be installed a long-term exhibition Vanished Jihlava. The exhibition will focus on the multicultural history of Jihlava. As part of the project, for visitors will be prepared a new mobile application, which will present the history of the church. Labels of the church decoration will be newly placed on the gallery. After the end of the project, the accessibility of the monument to the public will increase, and it will now be possible to visit the monument with a personal explanation.

As part of the closing ceremony, the church will hold a ceremonial program with a service, in which the Campanula choir, the project partner, will perform.

Thanks to the project implementation, the church of the St. Ignatius from Loyola will become an accessible church place and as the dominant feature of the main square in Jihlava will expand the offer of tourist destinations in the region.

The implementation of the project is planned until April 30, 2024. The project is funded by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 (Programme Culture).


Project financing CZK % of total eligible expenditure
Total eligible expenditure 28 773 381 100 %
Required amount of grant from EEA Grants 25 896 000 90 %
Amount of co-financing 2 877 381 10 %



  • ICLic. et Mgr. Marián Husek, Opraem., cellphone +420 736 523 600, e-mail
  • Ing. Aleš Taufar, project manager, cellphone +420 723 403 405, e-mail
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